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Spring at Amala (or is it Summer?)

How do you stay balanced when it is 60 degrees one day and 90 degrees the next?!

Each Season, Amala puts together a wonderful Ayurvedic Glow massage package to address the qualities of the current season helping you stay healthy and balanced. Our Spring package is warming and detoxifying to rid the body of residual stored fat and heaviness we needed in the winter to keep us warm. This package includes a 30 infrared sauna. So what if we have 90 degree days in between the 60 degree days and you want to cool off instead of warm up? No worries! We always take these things into consideration when you come in and give you choices. You can choose to replace the sauna for an ayurvedic ubtan facial! (You must notify us the day before your appointment as setup and special materials are required)

Whether you are a well trained athlete, a weekend warrior, a yogi or a runner, you can avoid injuries by keeping your muscles stretched and loose. Kelly Sheehan specializes in Sports, Therapeutic and Neuromuscular Massage.

If you are struggling with digestive issues, problems eliminating, or sleep deprivation; Ayurveda can help you! Schedule an Ayurvedic Consultation and together we will come up with a very doable plan that will help you feel balanced and healthy.


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