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Dystonia Massage


Dystonia aka: spasmodic torticollis, benefits greatly from massage.  


In fact, it' plays a key role in recovery!!!  


It is critical that the massage is preformed by someone who understands what muscles are involved in dystonia, which need to be stretched and lengthened and which should be left alone.  


(many massage therapists first instinct is to grab and work a dystonic overworked muscle like the sternocleidomastoid...BAD idea!!!!)   
It's good for ST'rs to have a professional dystonia massage at least twice a month.  


They should have a 15/20 minute massage at home every day in between.  


We train a family members in how to do the daily dystonia massage!!!!

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60 Minute Dystonia Massage Combo         



Training for at home dystonia massage    



60 Minute Dystonia Massage/Sauna      
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