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Spring cleaning isn't just for your home!

As Winter turns to Spring, just as the snow and ice melt turning into heavy, wet mud, the extra fat we stored in our bodies to keep us warm in the winter begins to melt turning into heavy, wet mucous. Ayurveda teaches us to notice the qualities in nature, our bodies & minds, our food & lifestyle and understand that 'like increases like.' To stay balanced, we should apply the opposite qualities.

Spring (kapha) qualities are cool, wet, heavy, slow and dull. Mother Nature gives us beautiful cleansing spring foods such as leafy greens and berries to clean out this sticky, heavy, wetness in our bodies.

Spring is the ideal time to clean out the cold, heavy, wetness and reset the digestion (physical AND mental!) system in preparation for the warmer weather to come.

AYURVEDA: Each Season, Amala puts together a wonderful Ayurvedic Glow massage package to address the qualities of the current season helping you stay healthy and balanced. Our Spring package is warming, vigorous and detoxifying to rid the body of residual stored fat and heaviness we needed in the winter to keep us warm. Still feel completely dried out from Winter? We are keeping Winter Glow as an offering as it includes the Hair oil treatment and sauna.

Want to enhance your Spring cleanse? Udvartana is a wonderful mover of kapha and gets your lymphatic system moving.

Confused about food? are not alone! Ayurveda has such a beautiful and simple way of approaching the right kind of diet for you. Stay away from wacky elimination diets and fads and learn how easy it is to know what YOU need. Join our Demystifying Food through Ayurveda workshop.

If you are struggling with digestive issues, problems eliminating, or sleep deprivation; Ayurveda can help you! Schedule an Ayurvedic Consultation and together we will come up with a very doable plan that will help you feel balanced and healthy.

MASSAGE: Whether you are a well trained athlete, a weekend warrior, a yogi or a runner, you can avoid injuries by keeping your muscles stretched and loose. Kelly, Stacy, and Linda have a wide range of specialized massage modalities including Sports, Therapeutic, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Lomi Lomi, Himalayan Salt Stone.

ENERGY: Cleaning everything inside and out, one mustn't forget energy work! Our therapists have a wide range of knowledge and experience in polarity, reiki and hypnosis. They also offer massage/energy combo treatments, reiki and hypnosis combo treatments and workshops.


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