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Vata, Pitta, & Kapha


In Ayurveda, there are three basic types of energy, universal principles known as the doshas.




All three of them can be found in everyone and everything, but in different proportions.

Vata, pitta, and kapha are each essential to our physiology in some way, so no one dosha is better than, or superior to, any other.

Each of them has a very specific set of functional roles to play in the body.

When the doshas are out of balance, they can wreak havoc on our health.

From an ayurvedic consultation, with amala wellness, you gain knowledge about YOUR unique body that you will carry with you throughout your lifetime.

You will recognize signs and symptoms of when you begin to go out of balance and the knowledge of what you can do to bring it back before it turns into illness and disease.

We will determine what your constitution is, if you have any imbalances and how you can get back to (and stay) balanced and healthy.

Book a consultation today!

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