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December Specials!


2 Hour Ayurvedic Massage, Hair Treatment & Sauna Package

Warm up inside and out! Counteract the cold, rough, dryness (vata) of winter with this nourishing warm herbalized ayurvedic oil massage and hair treatment followed by a 30 minute sauna.

This package includes:

Hot Stones: to relax tension in the muscles and calm the seat of vata. Garshana: dry massage performed with raw silk gloves to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, remove dead skin cells.

Hair/Scalp Treatment: Massage using a blend of ayurvedic herbs and oils that stimulate hair follicles deeply nourishing, strengthening hair at the roots. Also calms the mind and promotes sound, restful sleep.

90min abhyanga massage: Building and nourishing massage using warm herbalized oils to feed your muscles, tissues through the pores of your skin. Strengthen your immune system to get you through the winter. Very relaxing but NOT a wimpy massage...this bodywork gets the knots out!

Sauna: Now that we have loosened everything up, it's time to sweat it out in a 30 minute sauna.



75 minute full body massage with warming ginger infused oil, incorporating gentle abdominal work to encourage less stress and more joyful connection during the holiday season. Must book and complete session in December.



Book a 60 or 90 minute Hot Stone Massage or a 2 Hour Massage in December and get $10.00 off! Add a Hand and Foot Scrub to your massage for only $15.00! Enjoy a cinnamon sugar scrub; a warming winter nourishment to oneself. Massaged onto your hands and feet and removed with hot towels. Must accompany a massage. Treat your holiday shopping, snow shoveling, busy little self to some tender loving care; this offer is good for December only!



Our bodies are beautifully designed to eliminate toxins through the pores of our skin. Infrared sauna helps this process along. In addition to the benefits of detoxifying, sauna promotes deep tissue heating and healing, improves circulation, oxygenation, relaxes muscles, and enhances flexibility of tendons and ligaments. Also great for people with chronic back, muscle, joint aches, lyme disease and people trying to lose weight!


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