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Would you like to host an Ayurvedic workshop? Let us know! Call 603-384-2179 if you are interested in more information! 


Or email: Amala Wellness


When: Sunday, September 25, 2022

11am to 1pm

Where: Amala Wellness
2 Cote Lane, Bedford, NH

Ayurveda is not just for skinny little yogi's in cute outfits who drink strange concoctions from a ball jar. ( is for them too! :) )


Ayurveda is NOT a new wave trend, fad or hippy diet. In fact, it is not just about what we eat at all; that is only half of it!  Ayurveda IS an ancient system of medicine that can be used by every single one of us no matter how old we are, our gender, race or beliefs. 

Learn how to recognize your own unique tendencies and how to stay balanced & healthy throughout the year and your lifetime.

TUITION:  $35.00

A vegetarian lunch will be served.

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