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Autumn Glow: Ayurvedic Massage & Sauna Package

Banish Summer skin damage with a relaxing and refreshing Ayurvedic Massage Session including:

Hot Stones: To relax tired, achy muscles and calm vata.

Garshana: dry massage performed with raw silk gloves. The purpose of garshana is to remove dead skin cells, stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Opens pores to receive oil.

Foot Scrub: foot massage and scrub performed with 100% organic 'Autumn Spice Scrub' by Dalai Nala containing delicious essential oils of lemon, clove, cinnamon, vanilla and sweet orange.

Abhyanga: 90 minute massage with warm organic oils chosen specifically for client. Abhyanga is an ayurvedic treatment that stimulates arterial and lymphatic circulation revitalizing and nourishing the body.

Swedana (Sauna): 30 minute infrared sauna to complete the detoxification/rejuvenation experience.

2 Hour Treatment for just $125.00!

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