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Ayurveda Concord


Achieving health and longevity through the art of daily living.

A healthy and happy body, mind, and spirit doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Knowing your own body and what makes you YOU gives you clues on how you can obtain and maintain health, joy, and balance in your life. Susan Morgan, LMT, will work with you to uncover your needs and together you will develop a plan that will fit into your busy life. Each client is met where they are, without judgment, identifying the types of diet and lifestyle that will put you (or keep you) on the path to your most fulfilling life. Ayurveda is a rich and thorough system of medicine addressing chronic issues and the prevention of them. Its many branches include traditional treatments, herbs, diet and lifestyle. After years of Ayurvedic study and practice, Sue has chosen to specialize in consultations and treatments. Having lived with chronic physical pain, she understands it is difficult to focus on anything else while in pain.  ​

Sue  also available at 51 S. Main St, Concord, NH

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National Ayurvedic Medical Association

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