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A Beautiful Testimonial


Hi Susan,

I took your " intro to Ayurvedic" about 2 years ago, maybe 3, when you had it at the yoga studio near the post office. I had never heard of Ayurvedic and try to keep an open mind, and learn new things.

And while I was glad I attended, and learned quite a bit, I did not change my lifestyle in any way. I might have read a bit more about it, but thought it was more complicated than I was cut out to handle. I have held on to my notes from the workshop, however!

I am fortunate and blessed with good health for which I am grateful every single day. But recently I had significant, to me anyway, digestion/elimination issue. Abdominal pain that would not go away for more than a week. And then, of course, anxiety kicked in to high gear.( which probably exacerbated my situation).

As I have poor insurance coverage ( meaning expensive to see doc) I tried to figure out what was wrong.

And that's when I remembered your workshop, and the importance of keeping things in balance etc.

I was able to figure out I had to reduce vata, and then found with recipes geared to exactly that and wow- did that save me. I started feeling better right away!

It's been about 10 days using the recipes (and yes, I went to med doc twice, $$$, which gave me reassurance and reduced anxiety) but the saving grace was seeking out the Ayurvedic, eating what I need to etc. It's been amazing, I am even sleeping better than ever.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.

That little workshop you gave ended up being so very, very beneficial to me.

I hope all is well with you.

- From a satisfied client who wishes to remain anonymous

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